225,000 Household Good Shipments Each Summer Can Make Use Of A DITY Move

Air force dity move calculator

Do it yourself moving is very popular. The use of a Dity move calculator is a great way to simplify a military move. A military DITY move is standard procedure among military moving services. The Government Constructed Cost (GCC) is an amount the federal government would have had to pay to move personal property during a government move, goes up to but does not exceed the weight allowance for that member of government. This allowance for your move can be calculated so that you end up with a bit of extra money in your pocket. Since a military DITY move allows the service member and his or her family to control the moving process, any excesses left over after the allowance are yours to keep.

Some costs, such as insurance fees and sales taxes, are not included. However, the cost of a truck or trailer rental, packing services, packing blankets, furniture pad rentals, a hand truck rental, or the gasoline, oil or tolls that you may have to pay along the way are covered. Factor for each of these issues during your move and try to do so in a way that will facilitate your move and possibly lead to excesses. This can be very beneficial to helping a relocation for any member of the service, so speak with someone who has experience with these do it yourself moving calculators and ask for their advice as you prepare to make a military move.

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