How to Successfully Own Air BNB Properties

The summer brings an increase in traveling away from home for a family vacation. However, families want to spend time at popular tourist attractions, but the cost of a hotel stay keeps them at home. But the advent of Air BNB properties has cut the cost of lodging fees for all vacationers.

It is important for potential Air BNB property owners to become active caretakers. You want to offer renters a living space that provides comfort and a cheaper option than local hotels and resorts. Entrepreneurs who are looking for a profitable entity should research extensively into becoming an Air BNB property owner.

Here is how to successfully own Air BNB properties:

Create an Informative Property Listing

If you are unfamiliar with the term Air BNB property, it is a short-term rental property for vacationers to stay in while being away from home. The goal is to allow property owners to rent their homes for profit. But to achieve that, you must create an informative property listing.

Creating an informative property listing is not a difficult process as you must be honest with your prospective clientele. The hard part is choosing a target audience to stay at your home. You may want to attract individuals, couples, groups, or families to stay at your Air BNB property. The more positive reviews received by recent renters, the higher up your property will go on the various rankings found on the internet Air BNB property listing pages.

First, provide a detailed description of the amenities offered on the property.

Some of the best online Air BNB property listings highlight each bedroom, outdoor patio, and pool size. Also, provide actual distances the property is away from popular local attractions and public transportation pickup locations. Be accurate with the information provided and do not publish false facts. It could lead to renters leaving a poor review on your listing page. They write a detailed response on how they were to rent your property with false information. And warn others to avoid renting your property at all costs.

It is wise to insert several photos of the layout of the property as the more information provided, the more interest gained from potential clients. Try taking pictures that allow a person to picture themselves spending their vacation on the property. It is best to share photos of the interior and exterior of the home. Maybe, create a photo album online link that combines pictures of the property and the local attractions.

Finally, make the booking process as simple as possible. Online shoppers prefer convenience. The easier it is to obtain personal information from clients, the faster your property becomes a favorite in the Air BNB community.

Creating an Air BNB Property Maintenance Schedule

From an owner’s perspective, you want your Air BNB property to provide a steady flow of income during the vacation season. Often, that means keeping up with repairs and scheduling renovation projects during the slow time of the fiscal year. All of these measures will maximize your investment.

Maintenance is key to gaining a five-star review from renters who have stayed at your Air BNB property. The constant turnover of renters coming and going will cause wear and tear on the property by season’s end. Seeking a complete home inspection will help gain better insight into the current condition of the property. A home inspector will provide a detailed list of repairs that need immediate attention before your next scheduled party can stay on the property.

Redesigning Your Air BNB Property’s Patio

The goal of all patio designers is to transform your Air BNB property’s patio into a relaxing retreat for your guests. This can be accomplished by having the right furniture and other accessories in place. Also, it will not matter the size of the space. Your patio can become an inviting, personal escape for those guests who need to recharge their batteries from the grind of their daily lives.

Hire a patio design firm who have viable hardscaping ideas and create them onto your property for your guests to enjoy. Even the smallest patio decorating idea can turn your property into an inviting retreat for guests. Usually, furniture will come and go, but adding curtains and shrubbery can promote privacy from the outside. Also, outdoor lighting can provide an eclectic feel for entertainment purposes.

A property owner’s goal is to transform their dreary-looking patio into a secluded space that is ready for lounging or fun vacation activities.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

First impressions are crucial for getting individuals or a group to rent your Air BNB property. Often, their decision will come down to the condition of the bathroom than any other room in the rental. Air BNB property owners must create the same positive atmosphere for renters as the decor of the bathroom must remind them of their own.

Unfortunately, the size of the home is not always conducive for an extensive bathroom renovation project. But hiring a local bathroom remodeling company will help gain a more modern look by installing a water softener system. All of the measures taken will have an impact on your guests. Home installation workers have experience in inspecting and confirming the working conditions of all the fixtures, plumbing, and electrical outlets. Afterward, everything should be in good working condition. Finally, hire a plumber to confirm no leaks or possible maintenance issues with the sink, shower or toilet.

Choosing the right bathroom remodel projects will lead to gaining more favorable renters’ reviews. Word of mouth is more powerful in increasing the number of people staying on your property.

A remodeling project guarantees an increase in your rental price. But bathroom remodeling needs to be fast, as you want the design to have a modern look. But the condition of the home could become a major problem when listing the property available for rent. You may want to refrain from remodeling your bathroom if the remainder of the home looks outdated.

How to Complete The Shower to Tub Conversion

The biggest mistake among Air BNB property owners is not maximizing their bathroom space. f you have limited bathroom space, you may want to explore the option of installing a shower-to-tub conversion kit. It will create an illusion that the bathroom appears larger than the actual footage.

The shower-to-tub conversion project will cost between $1,000-$3,000. Some of the final cost factors include the amount of labor needed to complete the shower-to-tub conversion. The project is only successful if you hire an experienced shower to tub conversion company. But make sure they use durable materials that ensure longevity and eliminate the threat of repairs taking place the following year.

Trained renovation specialists have the knowledge of connecting the plumbing and installing shower doors without delay. The time frame for completing the conversion process depends on the number of bathrooms that need renovation. Your decision should be based on the number of bookings that are scheduled for the vacation season.

If you have multiple bathrooms in the home, it is smart to keep one tub available for renters. Not everyone likes to shower as they prefer taking a bath. Offering multiple shower options with no tub could force families with small children to look elsewhere to rent a property for the week.

It may not be a huge drawback to not continuing the shower-to-tub conversion process. However, you’re risking the possibility of taking longer to rent the property. But the bathroom will look the way you want.

Hiring a House Cleaning Services Company

The key to having a successful Air BNB property is the level of cleanliness found inside the home. As a property owner, you must maintain a high standard to receive praise from your renters in a review. Choosing the right house cleaning services company is very important.

The majority of all Air BNB owners do not live in the same zip code as their property. Thus, a good working relationship with a local house cleaning services company is key to success. Their staff needs to follow commercial housekeeping guidelines. Usually, they fully understand the criteria for cleaning an Air BNB property. It will allow you to manage the business without worrying if the home is clean. The house cleaning services staff will bring their employer’s equipment, which removes the need to house these items on the property.

You want the interior rooms to look immaculate after each guest’s stay. It will give the impression that your actions have gone beyond what is expected from property owners. In the offseason months, schedule the house cleaning services company to come every two weeks and keep the interior fresh for possible guests.

Obviously, you want the bed linens changed, scrub the floors and bathroom tiles, deep cleaning of the kitchen, living room and outdoor patio space. Plus, request the house cleaning services staff to fill out an inventory report that includes supplies, toiletries, all damage done to the property, and possible theft of property items.

You may want to add to the rental agreement that your Air BNB property does not have access to a full-time house cleaning staff. It will help your guests to understand the difference between a hotel and your home. It is hard to equal their standard of cleanliness.

Hiring a Good Window Replacement Company

A big-ticket property maintenance item for Air BNB owners is replacing the windows inside the home. Usually, they need to be replaced because of air leakage, cracked or broken panes, or an increased amount of condensation forming on the pane of the glass. And with the constant use by multiple guests, you should replace your property’s windows every 10 years.

The advantage of replacing the windows is lowering each month’s energy costs. You would be eliminating the threat of them not functioning correctly. Also, renters will feel less uneasy about the threat of their possessions getting stolen by thieves. The installation of new windows will limit the accessibility of the home’s interior to outside sources.

You must remember your Air BNB property is a money-making venture, so be smart and choose home improvement projects like periodically replacing the windows. But select a window replacement company that offers interior locks that keeps the home more secure. Their staff understands replacing your windows will improve the property’s interior and exterior appearance. Plus, the project’s final cost will be significantly lower than other maintenance repairs. But if completed correctly, it will increase the property’s rental price.

Hiring a Reliable Local Garage Door Repair Company

If you have a garage on an Air BNB property, it is not just a location for a guest to store their vehicle during their stay. No, the space can hold gym equipment for a daily workout routine. Or transform the garage into a temporary workspace or living quarters for one of the guests. But none of these options are available if the garage door is broken.

A well-designed, modern-looking garage door can draw attention from potential clients, but it can keep guests safe from inclement weather conditions or the threat of personal property theft. Garage doors offer better insulation during the winter months.

It is wise to pair your garage door repair project with renovating your outdoor landscape design. The changes will make your Air BNB property stand out from the competition listed on online rental property sites. Replacing your garage door will maximize the property’s profitability. Hire a local garage door repair company that includes resurfacing the garage floor and replacing the insulation on the garage walls. The renovation project is called garage coating.

In Conclusion

All of the above maintenance work suggestions will increase the value of your Air BNB property. So, do not refrain from remodeling your bathroom, converting your tub into a shower, or repairing your garage door. Never neglect your property if it needs immediate improvement. A simple home repair refreshes the value of the property. And more importantly, it increases the price to rent your Air BNB, which makes you a successful investor.

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