Interior shutters add value and appeal

Wood verticle blinds

Custom interior shutters are among the most functional window shutters available on the market today. Wide, moveable horizontal slats called louvers rotate open easily to allow light and visibility and close securely ensuring privacy and darkness. Plantation shutters are hinged in the window opening so they may be opened for maximum access to the window. They are constructed as one to one eighth inch thick panels using wide movable louvers, which are available in four sizes. These interior shutters are assembled into shutter units for each window opening to the one sixteenth inch. Unit configurations are based on the width and height of the window opening. Plantation shutters have taken the place of traditional interior shutters because most homeowners want to let in the most light possible. Homeowners can choose wood plantation shutters to timelessly blend with any decor. These versatile, less expensive interior shutters are a great alternative to draperies. Plantation shutters can increase the value of your home and can even be financed into the purchase of a home because of their appeal, they tend to stay with the home upon sale.
Usually used in kitchens or bathrooms, interior shutters can be a beautiful accent to any room in the house. When shopping for plantation shutters, there are important features to look for. A custom shutter company will measure your window exactly and build shutters to fit. However, it’s important to decide if you will have custom fitted shutters installed by a professional, or if you will install stock panels and cut them to fit yourself. No matter what you decide, interior shutters can add instant appeal to your home when properly fitted.

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