Types of floors

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There are different types of floors that are available in the market today. The most common ones are hardwood floors because of its many advantages, for example, compared with other types of floor, such as carpet and other materials, according the US Environmental Protection Agency, wood in building is better because it provides better indoor air quality. Now, there are actually different types of hardwood floors Rockville, such as engineered and solid and green floors. These are also gaining popularity when it comes to hardwood floors Rockville.

Examples of what are considered green floors are reclaimed wood floors and bamboo. Wool is also another green floor. Bamboo, which is an environmentally conscious floor because it grows fast, a rapidly renewable source of floor, is recommended by the United States Green Building Council under their LEED program. For those who want green hardwood flooring Maryland, they should consider bamboo floors. It is available from hardwood floors Rockville MD suppliers.

Linoleum, from the Latin names of its two primary materials, linum, which translates to flax and oleum, which means oil, is another type of floor. Linoleum is also one of the most common dc flooring. They are generally used in commercial areas.

Carpet is another common type of flooring Rockville. Generally carpet in the United States comes in widths of 12 and 15 feet. Thus, you can find carpet Rockville in the measurements size. Compared with the other types of floor, such as the common hardwood floors Rockville, carpets require regular cleaning and are considered high maintenance.

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