What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

In the video, a real estate attorney addresses the question of what real estate attorneys do. The focus is on providing insights into their role beyond residential real estate law, particularly in the context of closings. The speaker mentions that real estate attorneys, in addition to handling residential transactions, engage in various tasks such as drafting contracts for both residential and commercial properties, creating documents like easements, and assisting clients with property disputes and legal issues.

Video Source

The video emphasizes the broader responsibilities of real estate attorneys, especially in commercial property transactions. They assist clients in establishing LLCs or other entities for property holding, navigate zoning issues, and interpret ordinances governing property use. Additionally, the attorneys help with the re-titling of properties, whether it involves transferring ownership to an LLC, a trust, or adjusting ownership after marriage. The overall message is that real estate attorneys offer valuable insights into legal matters beyond the closing process, providing consultations to help clients navigate complex situations.

In summary, the real estate attorney’s responsibilities extend beyond residential real estate closings, encompassing tasks such as drafting contracts, addressing legal issues, assisting with commercial property transactions, creating entities, and helping clients navigate various aspects of property ownership. The video provides a broader understanding of the role of real estate attorneys and what they do.

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